The Food and Drug Administration’s primary responsibility is to regulate and assure the safety of, well, food and drugs consumed by Americans.  Yet, each year, hundreds of pharmaceuticals are permitted to enter the market without proper testing, some of them downright dangerous.  Similarly, corn syrup is an additive to a endless array of our processed foods and is known to cause obesity.  As more and more become aware of the unwholesome properties of this fat-packing filler, the FDA is now going to permit corn syrup to slip in unnoticed in nutritional labels under the generic term “sugar.”  As if that’s not bad enough, the FDA has approved the sale of genetically modified salmon without any labeling to indicate that it’s GMO food–consumers will no longer be able to distinguish between the natural harvest of the sea and a frankenfood counterpart masquerading as the Real McCoy.

But, “what’s in a name,” as Shakespeare put it so aptly?  A lot.  Perhaps we need to focus a little more closely on the Food and Drug Administration and realize that “administration also means “application, as of a salve or medicine, according to Dictionary.com”  Food for thought, folks.  (Source: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/administration).


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Hi, there! I'm the chief garden gnome and live in and manage the mushroom patch at EZGrowMushrooms.com where all the little garden gnomes work tirelessly to assemble our mushroom grow kits for your home and garden.
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