Senate Bill 510–the Food Safety Act–Recalled as Unconstitutional

There is some good news this morning, S510, the Food Safety Act recently passed by the Senate 73-25 has been recalled as Unconstitutional due to Section 107 of the bill which includes fees that are “revenue raisers” (tax) and is in violation of the US Constitution which requirers ALL tax measures shall originate in the House of Represenatives, this bill originated in the Senate. So much for our Senators understanding the rules and where they get their power from (Constitution).

While this bill may be stalled for now, it will definitely NOT go away and it will be sent to the House sometime for them to originate the bill, but time is short because January will bring a new crop of “Sheriffs” to town, when the new Congress convenes.

We must be diligent and unending in our opposition to the “dangerous” bill. Call your Congressmen and oppose this bill.

Source: Thanks to Larry Holland at


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